Classes at Fusion

Mini Movers

Intro class: Age 3 – 6 yrs; A fantastic introduction to dance. Co-ordination exercises, pre-school dance/pop routines & lots of Fun. Class introduces: Basic movement/Street/Modern/Pop

Beaty Boppers – Jazzy Juniors – Stage Steppers – Artistic Angels

Streetdance / Hip Hop: Age 6 – 18yrs;  The style we teach is mainly Old Skool, New Skool and commercial with some Locking and Breakdance Elements.

Freestyle-Disco/Jazz: Age 6 – 18yrs; Freestyle is an all round basic dance training. It is a Fun, High Energy but disciplined dance style. It involves many types of Movements and steps such as Turns, Leaps and Kicks. It has elements of: – Modern, Contemporary and Jazz (some Gymnastic elements at Competitve level)

Lyrical / Musicals class

Stage class: Age 6 – 18yrs; A Wonderful fun class which helps pick up Chreo quickly, grow facial performance skills and allows dancers to dance to all the favourite West End & Lyrical music such as Lion King, Hairspray and Greatest Showman.

Rock n Roll (these classes are not running due to Covid)

Age 6 – 18yrs; Danced with partners and involves basic footwork with rock n roll lifts and throws.

Fusion Angels Academy   

From Age 6yrs; Additional classes for those wanting to expand their hobby into a fun sport