Our Classes

Mini Movers

Age 3 – 5 yrs

A fantastic introduction to dance. Co-ordination exercises, pre-school dance/pop routines & lots of Fun. Class introduces: Basic movement/Street/Modern/Pop

Beaty Boppers, Jazzy Juniors, Stage Steppers, Artistic Angels & Diva Dolls

Streetdance / Hiphop  – Age 5/6 – 18yrs

Streetdance has been more popular over the past 15 years. The style we teach is mainly Old Skool, New Skool and commercial with some Locking and Breakdance Elements. Popular with Boys and Girls!

Dinky Disco & Dizzy Disco

Modern Disco Freestyle – Age 5/6 – 18yrs

Taken as an extra class.

Disco Freestyle is an all round basic dance training. It is a Fun, High Energy but disciplined dance style.

It involves many types of Movements and steps such as Turns, Spins, Leaps and Kicks. It has elements of: – Modern, Disco and Jazz (some Gymnastic elements at Competitve level) We also teach Slow / Lyrical dance in some established or advanced classes.

 Rock n Roll

Add on class from Age 5/6  – 18yrs

Danced with partners and involves basic footwork with rock n roll lifts and throws.Rock n Roll is an additional class.  Adult Rock n Roll is also available.

Fusion Angels Academy   

Age 5/6 +

Additional classes for those wanting to expand their hobby into a fun sport